01 Aug 20 – 31 Aug 20

Gurnard Primary School

Our charity of the month for August is Gurnard Primary School PTA. Gurnard Primary have recently moved into a new school building and are fundraising to landscape the old site to create a pond, allotment, running track and to plant wild flowers. They hope that being the nominated charity will motivate families to get out cycling together.

Gurnard Primary School

How it Works

Every kilometre ridden along the Red Squirrel cycle route contributes to the distance target of 5,000km and if the target is reached A-To-There will donate £200. If the target is not reached they get half the amount. It’s an ambitious target of 5,000km but we were just slightly short of that in July so it’s achievable!



Many thanks to this month’s sponsor, A-To-There, who provide support and advice to public and private sector organisations working in sustainable transport, tourism, countryside access and recreation.