Fields near Blackwater

Newport to Merstone

Newport to Shide

This stretch takes you from the Quayside to Shide. You will soon forget you are in the centre of Newport as you make your way through Pan Mill Meadows, a restored area of riverside woodland and wildflower meadow.

Shide to Blackwater

This section leaves Newport following the route of the old railway south to Blackwater where the old station house is still standing. It runs alongside the River Medina for much of the way, though it is little more than a stream at this stage.

The surface is a bit more gravelly than the previous (northern) sections and can get muddy in places but is still suitable for most bikes and conditions.

Blackwater to Merstone

The route from the old station house at Blackwater follows the route of the old railway through linear woodland alongside the stream that leads into the Medina. It passes the peaceful Birchmore Pond nature reserve then continues across fields before arriving at Merstone where the old station platform is still preserved.

It is all off road and suitable for all bike types though it can get muddy in places.

Distance: 6.6km (4.1mi)

Time:   20 – 35 minutes

Elevation: mostly flat

Terrain: quiet roads in Newport and well-surfaced route through Pan Mill Meadows. Between Shide and Merstone it is an off-road cycle path that can get muddy in places.