PedalAid Full Route

Much of the route covered by PedalAid is the Isle of Wight part of National Cycle Route 23, following the full Red Squirrel Trail, which goes from Cowes to Newport to Sandown, then loops back through Shanklin, Wroxall and Godshill before rejoining the main route near Merstone. This full route is 33.7km (21 miles).

New for 2022 we have added additional routes. From Newport these go to Island Harbour, Mews Lane and Carisbrooke.  On the west of the Island there is now the Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay route. 

The routes are mostly off-road, and suitable for all bike types. Most of it is flat and easy going, making these good commuter routes as well as very enjoyable leisure routes.

Cowes to Newport

6.3km (3.9mi)

Fields near Merstone

Newport to Merstone

6.6km (4.1mi)

Newport to Mews Lane

Newport to Mews Lane

1.5km (0.93mi)

Victoria Recreation Ground

Newport to Carisbrooke

2.5km (1.57mi)

Sandown Pier

Merstone to Sandown

9.6km (6mi)

Beach huts at Sandown

Sandown to Shanklin

3.2km (2.0mi)
Langbridge to Alverstone

Shanklin to Wroxall

4.8km (3.0mi)
Freemantle Gate

Wroxall to Merstone

6km (3.7mi)

Enjoy the beach and the beautiful cliffs at Freshwater Bay

Yarmouth to Freshwater

5.7km (3.53mi)