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Motor Neurone Disease

PC Consultants Motor Neurone Disease Challenge

01 June 21 – 30 June 21

Target distance: 4,000km

This month's charity is the Isle of Wight Motor Neurone Disease Association. They provide support to people and their families on the IOW living with MND. This can be emotional or financial support. Life expectancy can be as little as two years so having local funds available to provide immediate support is paramount to the branch. Each person with MND has different needs during their illness so the funds could help install a wet-room or stairlift or just something as simple as a bird table so that a person can look into the garden and watch nature.

Prize Draws

Rapanui Clothing

We have some fantastic prizes to win this month.

  • a £50 voucher for Rapanui
  • a £25 voucher for Adrian's Bike Shop
  • a set of Schwalbe tyres from Al's Bikes
  • a £50 voucher for bike hire at Routefifty7
  • a free Rapanui t-shirt

We'll have a separate draw for each of these prizes. Everyone who has cycled at least 10km along the route will be entered. The more you cycle the more entries into each draw you will receive! For every 10km you will get another entry (up to a maximum of 10).

Check out the Offers and Prizes page for more details.

Previous Challenges

Red Squirrel Trust

Wight Cycle Hire Red Squirrel Trust Challenge

01 May 21 – 31 May 21

Money raised: £200

Distance: 4,745km

The Isle of Wight is a nationally important stronghold for red squirrels in the UK. The IOW Red Squirrel Trust is a local charity committed to the protection and survival of our native red squirrels, their habitat and the species that share it with them.

Mountbatten Isle of Wight

The Vectis Accountants Mountbatten Challenge

01 Apr 21 – 30 Apr 21

Money raised: £200

Distance: 4,138km

Mountbatten's mission is to provide and to promote good care and support for those people living with, affected by, or curious about death, dying and bereavement across the Isle of Wight.

Isorropia foundation

The Adrian’s Bike Shop Isorropia Foundation Challenge

01 Mar 21 – 31 Mar 21

Money raised: £200

Distance: 3,903km

The Isorropia Foundation is the Isle of Wight’s Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Service (CMHWS).

West Wight Men In Sheds

The Adrian’s Bike Shop Men in Sheds Challenge

01 Feb 21 – 28 Feb 21

Money raised: £200

Distance: 2,740km

West Wight Men in Sheds promotes social inclusion, helping people integrate into society by providing a place and facilities where they can meet others and get involved in activities.

Aspire Ryde

The Connect2Work Aspire Ryde Challenge

01 Jan 21 – 31 Jan 21

Money raised: £100

Distance: 2,393km

The Connect2Work programme encourages local residents on the IoW to change the way they make work-related journeys, to increase long-term use of active and sustainable modes of travel.

Sight for Wight

The Shift It Sight for Wight Challenge

01 Dec 20 – 31 Dec 20

Money raised: £100

Distance: 1,500km

Our charity of the month for December was Sight for Wight, which helps any Islander experiencing sight loss, including relatives and carers.

People Matter IW

The Winebulance People Matter Challenge

01 Nov 20 – 30 Nov 20

Money raised: £100

Distance: 1,847km

Our charity of the month for November was People Matter IW, a user led organisation that provides help to anyone with a disability or support need.


The Winebulance October Challenge for WightAID

01 Oct 20 – 31 Oct 20

Money raised: £100

Distance: 2,016km

Our charity of the month for October was WightAID, a grant giving organisation which contributes towards local Isle of Wight charitable projects.

Young Carers

The KR Sustainability Young Carers Challenge

01 Sep 20 – 30 Sep 20

Money raised: £100

Distance: 3,048km

Our charity of the month for September was YMCA Young Carers Isle of Wight which is a service supporting around 300 people under 18 who care for a loved one because of ill health or disability.

Gurnard Primary School

The Gurnard Primary School PTA Challenge

01 Aug 20 – 31 Aug 20

Money raised: £100

Distance: 3,438km

Our charity of the month for August is Gurnard Primary School PTA. Gurnard Primary have recently moved into a new school building and are fundraising to landscape the old site to create a pond, allotment, running track and to plant wild flowers.

Cowes Lifeboat Sumer Challenge

01 Jul 20 – 31 Jul 20

Money raised: £200

Distance: 4,805km

Cowes Lifeboat has 50 local people to provide a serviceable lifeboat 24 hours a day. Pagers can go off at any time and those on call are expected to get to the station to launch and crew the lifeboat within 10 minutes.

The Free Food Sandown Challenge

01 Jun 20 – 30 Jun 20

Money raised: £240

Distance: 3,692km

Free Food Sandown is a charity that collects end of day food from supermarkets and gives it away for free at Sandown train station, and also now in Ventnor.

The Wight Brainy Bunch Challenge

01 May 20 – 31 May 20

Money raised: £200

Distance: 4,056km

The Wight Brainy Bunch provide funding and support to families on the Isle of Wight affected by brain tumours.

The IoW Foodbank Lockdown Challenge

01 Apr 20 – 30 Apr 20

Money raised: £200

Distance: 2,055km

The IoW Foodbank which provides food and support to people in crisis on the Isle of Wight. There are seven foodbanks located across the Island.

Isle Access accessible bikes

The Isle Access Spring Challenge

01 Mar 20 – 31 Mar 20

Money raised: £200

Distance: 2,227km

Isle Access encourages greater accessibility & inclusion. They also have a fleet of accessible bikes that allows people to experience cycling for the first time.

The Isle Access Leap Year Challenge

01 Feb 20 – 29 Feb 20

Money raised: £0

Distance: 2,004km

Isle Access encourages greater accessibility & inclusion. They also have a fleet of accessible bikes that allows people to experience cycling for the first time.

Mountbatten nurses

The Mountbatten New Year Challenge

01 Jan 20 – 31 Jan 20

Money raised: £200

Distance: 2,609km

Mountbatten provides expert care and support to anyone on the Isle of Wight who is facing death, dying and bereavement.

RNLI returning to the station

The Cowes Lifeboat Christmas Challenge

01 Dec 19 – 31 Dec 19

Money raised: £0

Distance: 1,670km

Our charity of the month for the second month running was Cowes Lifeboat. Sadly, once again we failed to meet the distance target and so we are unable to make a donation.

Cowes Lifeboat Challenge

01 Nov 19 – 30 Nov 19

Money raised: £0

Distance: 2,629km

Cowes Lifeboat has 50 local people to provide a serviceable lifeboat 24 hours a day. Pagers can go off at any time and those on call are expected to get to the station to launch and crew the lifeboat within 10 minutes.

Wessex Cancer Trust - Daisy Bus

Wessex Cancer Trust Challenge

01 Oct 19 – 31 Oct 19

Money raised: £200

Distance: 3,056km

Wessex Cancer Trust provides services and support to those affected by cancer. The donation will go towards the Daisy Bus service for Island cancer patients.

YMCA Young Carers Challenge

01 Sep 19 – 30 Sep 19

Money raised: £200

Distance: 3,661km

YMCA Young Carers Isle of Wight is a service supporting around 300 people under 18 who care for a loved one because of ill health or disability.

Sailing with UKSA

UKSA Test the Water Challenge

01 Aug 19 – 31 Aug 19

Money raised: £200

Distance: 3,345km

UKSA is a maritime charity based in Cowes that provides water-based experiences and training for young people.

Footprint Trust Real Meal Deal

Footprint Trust Real Meal Deal Challenge

01 Jul 19 – 31 Jul 19

Money raised: £200

Distance: 3,182km

This month we were raising money for The Footprint Trust, and in particular their Real Meal Deal project that teaches basic, healthy, cookery to disadvantaged groups.

Saturday Club for Deaf Children

Saturday Club For Deaf Children Challenge

01 Jun 19 – 30 Jun 19

Money raised: £200

Distance: 2,656km

This month we were raising money for The Saturday Club for Deaf Children which supports the needs of Isle of Wight deaf children and young people and their families.

Ellen MacArthur Trust

Ellen MacArthur Trust Challenge

01 May 19 – 31 May 19

Money raised: £204

Distance: 2,035km

This month we are raising money for The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust who help children and young adults regain their confidence through sailing.

Re-Cycle bikes for Africa

Re-Cycle Bikes For Africa Challenge

01 Apr 19 – 30 Apr 19

Money raised: £400

Distance: 3,127km

The Isle of Wight branch of Re-Cycle Bikes to Africa recycle bikes from the UK and send them to rural communities in Africa.

Isle Access

Isle Access Challenge

01 Mar 19 – 31 Mar 19

Money raised: £400

Distance: 2,512km

Isle Access provide information about access for visitors and residents and provide disability awareness training and guidance. The sponsor this month is Brading Roman Villa.

Daisy Chains Isle of Wight

Inns of Distinction Challenge

01 Jan 19 – 28 Feb 19

Money raised: £400

Distance: 3,331km

The sponsor for the New Year Challenge is Inns Of Distinction - a family run business with three excellent pubs in great locations across the Island.

NFU Mutual End of Year Challenge

01 Nov 18 – 31 Dec 18

Money raised: £354

Distance: 1,770km

The sponsor for the End of Year Challenge was NFU Mutual who nominated WightAid as their charity of choice for the current challenge. The WightAid Foundation supports charitable projects across the Island.

Merstone Station platform

Rosemary Vineyard Autumn Challenge

01 Sep 18 – 31 Oct 18

Money raised: £407.80

Distance: 2,039km

The Island 2000 Trust are putting the challenge donation towards an upgrade of facilities at Merstone Station for cyclists and walkers. The challenge was sponsored by Rosemary Vineyard.

Wheatsheaf Trust

A-To-There Wheatsheaf Trust Challenge

01 Aug 18 – 31 Aug 18

Money raised: £324

Distance: 741km

Wheatsheaf Trust works deprived areas of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight supporting disengaged young people from poor, challenging backgrounds.

Climbing with Challenge & Adventure

Red Funnel Challenge & Adventure

01 Jul 18 – 31 Jul 18

Money raised: £413

Distance: 1,632km

Challenge & Adventure have been working with disadvantaged and challenging young people on the Isle of Wight for 25 years.

Girlguiding IW

The Red Funnel Girlguiding IW Challenge

01 Jun 18 – 30 Jun 18

Money raised: £772

Distance: 2,859km

Girlguiding IW is part of the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK.

Wessex Cancer Trust

The Red Funnel Wessex Cancer Trust Challenge

01 May 18 – 31 May 18

Money raised: £412

Distance: 1,616km

The Wessex Cancer Trust Isle of Wight provides free services and support to those living with or affected by cancer.

John's Club

The Red Funnel John’s Club Challenge

01 Apr 18 – 30 Apr 18

Money raised: £340

Distance: 904km

John’s Club is a charity for people with disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health covering teenagers to adults and also helping the elderly.

1st Newport Scouts

The Red Funnel 1st Newport Scouts Challenge

01 Feb 18 – 31 Mar 18

Money raised: £656

Distance: 2,029km

1st Newport Scout Group (The Old Guard) is the oldest surviving scout group in the world.

Isle Access - biking

The Red Funnel Isle Access Challenge

01 Dec 17 – 31 Jan 18

Money raised: £366

Distance: 1,158km

Isle Access is a not for profit organisation which has the aim of making the Isle of Wight more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Popup Soup Kitchen

The Red Funnel Pop Up Soup Kitchen Challenge

01 Nov 17 – 30 Nov 17

Money raised: £341

Distance: 906km

The Pop Up Soup Kitchen feeds hundreds of people and helps provide the necessities of food, warmth and provisions.

Isle of Wight Ice Skaters

The Red Funnel Ride For Ryde Ice Rink Challenge

01 Oct 17 – 31 Oct 17

Money raised: £658

Distance: 2,037km

RACAG's objective is to reinstate the much loved and dearly missed ice rink.

Sandown Youth Club

The Red Funnel Sandown Youth Club Challenge

01 Sep 17 – 30 Sep 17

Money raised: £348

Distance: 978km

Sandown Youth Club provides a range of free activities for young people aged 11-21 and has over 500 members.

Rainbow Club

The Red Funnel Rainbow Club Challenge

01 Aug 17 – 31 Aug 17

Money raised: £407

Distance: 1,566km

The Rainbow club supports children with disabilities and special needs and their families.

Ventnor Skatepark

The Red Funnel Ventnor Skatepark Challenge

01 Jul 17 – 31 Jul 17

Money raised: £409

The Ventnor Skatepark Group was set up over 15 years ago by volunteers who wanted to ensure there was a free to use skate park facility.

The Red Funnel Foodbank Challenge

01 Jun 17 – 30 Jun 17

Money raised: £347

The IoW foodbank provides food and support to people in crisis on the Isle of Wight.

Alzheimer Cafe

The Red Funnel Alzheimer Café Challenge

01 May 17 – 31 May 17

Money raised: £334

The Alzheimer Cafe provides a meeting place for people, between the ages of 40-65 years that have Early-Onset Dementia and for their Carers.

Carers IW

The Cameras For Carers Spring Challenge

01 Apr 17 – 30 Apr 17

Money raised: £575

Distance: 1,257km

Carers IW is based at the Riverside in Newport and provides information, support and advocacy to adults who look after another adult.

If you would like your organisation to be considered as a beneficiary of one of the monthly challenges please complete the charity application form.