01 Nov 21 – 30 Nov 21

Money raised: £200

Distance: 4,427km

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a national charity based in Cowes that supports young people aged 8-17 and 18-24 to rebuild confidence through sailing and adventure activities. For many young people, picking up from where they left off before cancer just isn’t possible. So, when treatment ends the charity’s work begins.

Young people build confidence by making friends with others who have had similar experiences – often for the first time – rediscovering independence away from home and learning new skills. Most importantly, they stop feeling like the ‘only one’. Young people feel more positive about getting back into education or employment, reconnecting with their friends and families and re-establishing their place in the world. They discover a future they might never have thought was possible.

Money raised from PedalAid would go towards funding more young people to join their trips. After the COVID-19 crisis young people are going to need them more than ever.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

How it Works

Every kilometre ridden along the Red Squirrel cycle route contributes to the distance target of 4,000km and if the target is reached Hose Rhodes Dickson will donate £200. If the target is not reached they get half the amount.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

Special Prize!

We have an extra prize to be won this month. The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust are offering one of their special cycling jerseys – any size.

Ellen MacArthur t-shirt


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